Verifying the authenticity of your documents is easier with Certika

Verifying the authenticity of your documents is easier with Certika

The digitization of tasks and processes in the business world experienced a significant boost as a result of the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilitating the flow of processes has been a challenge for companies worldwide; therefore, Certika has become a strategic ally for many companies at the national and international levels when it comes to digitizing their documents.

However, the digital world is also exposed to threats, ranging from the mass dissemination of fake news to identity and document forgery. Fortunately, at Certika, we have blockchain technology, which is the world’s most secure encryption technology and serves to protect files from alterations, and simultaneously, we offer a simple and freely accessible verification platform.

In order to facilitate the verification of information for our clients, our web platform offers a quick and effective document verification service through different alternatives: Scan the QR code of your document with a mobile device or click on the verification button, this way you can confirm the authenticity and veracity of the document. Additionally, you can verify it through its code, proof, metadata, or the Chainpoint file. The process is simple: Once located in the verification section on the HOME of our website, with the code alternative, people only need to enter the serial number to verify the authenticity, while with the other three options, you simply need to drag the file into a blue box that occupies a large part of the screen, or click on the cloud icon to select the document from the computer’s files.

This quick and easy verification process applies to all services offered by Certika: badges, certificates, cards, and digital documents. The technology used on our website allows for a quick reading of each file uploaded to our platform, so it can be verified in a matter of seconds whether the document issued is genuine or not.

Roberto Morales

CEO Certika.